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Искусство быть родителем. Детские страхи. Тайны духовного мира детей (комплект из 3 книг) Маруся Све

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These symptoms can come on suddenly. In chronic silicosis, you may only have an abnormal chest X-ray in the beginning and then slowly develop a cough and breathing difficulty. More than a third of people with silicosis have phlegm production and cough.

Chronic bronchitis-like symptoms may occur, and the lungs have additional sounds called wheezes and crackles. As extensive scarring progresses over time, you may see signs of chronic lung disease such as leg swelling, increased breathing rate, and bluish discoloration of the lips.

Silicosis is caused by exposure to crystalline silica, which comes from chipping, cutting, drilling, or grinding soil, sand, granite, or other minerals. A long list of occupations are known that expose workers to crystalline silica that is inhaled. The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The George Washington University. The University of Queensland. University of British Columbia. University of Illinois at Chicago. University of Missouri - Columbia. University of Notre Dame.

University of South Florida. University of Western Sydney. San Diego State University. The University of Melbourne. The University of New Mexico - Albuquerque.

The University of New South Wales. The University of Newcastle, Australia. The University of Western Australia. University of California, San Diego. University of California, Santa Barbara. University of Colorado at Denver. University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Eindhoven University of Technology. National Taiwan Normal University.

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If any other use is desired, permission in writing from Dr. Please Sign In or Register to continue. Anxiety Overtakes Depression as No. Story at-a-glance - Your eyelids protect your eye from injury, regulate how much light is admitted to your retina and maintain a film of tears by distributing tears over your eye A stye is formed after dirt, dust or skin cells block your Meibomian gland duct and bacterial growth forms a lump, similar to a pimple or a boil, at the edge of your eyelid; this should be differentiated from a chalazion or cellulitis Home treatments for a stye include warm compresses, coriander seed tea wash, tea bag compresses and washing your eyelids with mild soap to eliminate the dirt and dead skin cells that plug your oil gland duct.

Mercola Your eyelids protect your eye from injury, help regulate how much light is admitted to your retina and maintain a film of tears by distributing tears over your eye and pumping tears from the conjunctival and lacrimal sacs. What Is a Stye? How to Identify a Stye As a stye grows, your eyelid may become swollen, red and inflamed. Please Enter Your Comment.

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